A Guide to Choose Suitable Knife and Scissor Sharpener

There are so many types of knife and scissor sharpener being sold in every corner of this world.  Surely, it can be a tough job to choose which tool is the best for your preference. However, it doesn’t have to stay that way forever. At this moment, we are going to break down several tips you can use to find the perfect match for your knife and scissor.

First thing you may notice on the shop is the existence of two kinds of knife and scissor sharpener. One is the electric type which, obviously, uses electricity to power up the machine. The second type is the manual one that requires your muscle memory while whetting the tools. Despite it is more useful if you have both of them in your hand, you may want to settle for only one type of sharpener. The battle of choosing which type you should buy can be exhausting. However, you may also need to consider these things in order to get the perfect match. Well, what type of knife and scissor you own? How much do you willing to spend on the sharpener tools? And, do you need a bulk machine, or you just prefer the small and compact one?

Surely, you don’t want to end up buying the wrong knife and scissor sharpener. Know your knife first before deciding the sharpener tool. Most of European and American knife use 20º as the edge angle while Asian blade use 15º angle. If you don’t really want to be confused about this degree matter, you can go to the machine sharpener. However, if you have a strong muscle memory, then just enjoy the manual sharpener as well.

There some other differences between the manual and electric machine, according to Knife Sharpener Stone. Some of the manual products can be as expensive as the electric one. However, most of them are pretty cheap and it will not hurt your bank account like the electric tool will do. The manual sharpener also comes in a handy and small size which is convenient and easier to store. On the other hand, the electric machine offers minimal effort on the whetting process. The powerful machine wheels will do the job way faster than the manual. Moreover, the machine already programmed with the precise calculation about the best angle for knife. Well, hopefully you can decide which type of knife and scissor sharpener you need to buy. RFA


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